Base Unit - Weather Condition

The module is divided into four parts: Weather Condition, Weather Condition Map, Weather Forecast and Marine Weather.

  1. The Weather Condition reports the current weather conditions detected by the weather station nearest to the position of the ship. Detection is made through integration into the NetWave of the METAR system, acquired as worldwide format for transmission of weather information, standardized through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

    The weather conditions can be obtained in real-time by NetWave System for any active weather station closest to each ship.

    These are the parameters that can be displayed by each station:
    • service indication METAR belong;
    • indication of the weather station from which the data and the distance from the ship are derived;
    • report that shows the exact time of detection;
    • speed and wind direction;
    • temperature and dew point;
    • temperature felt;
    • atmospheric pressure;
    • RH;
    • cloud cover;
    • visibility;
    • current conditions.

    Currently the NetWave System can receive information from the system METAR weather through 3,000 active weather stations in the world and the database is constantly updated.

  2. The Weather Condition Map shows a ship-centered satellite view of real-time cloud cover. The different icons of the main weather stations closest to the ship, indicate the conditions of sun, rain and overcast skies.

    The icons of the sun and moon allow to understand whether in the area is day or night. The area of Light Day / Night is also recognizable thanks to the shadow areas at night.

    Clicking on the icons of weather stations, a window opens and shows detailed information about the weather conditions and forecasts within the next four days.

  3. Weather Forecast
    The Weather Forecast indicates the weather forecast, always depending on the position of the ship, thanks to the integration in NetWave System of TAF data (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) that represents the encoding of the international data transmission formats for forecasts of weather conditions detected by a station in a given time interval.
    The standard system of data transmission uses the TAF Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS). The information transmitted by the ADDS are acquired by NetWave and processed for its use within the system.
    Normally a TAF report has a forecast accuracy of about 24 hours.
    Weather Forecast section allows you to view data for weather prediction (usually about 24 hours), generating TAF reports containing the following information for each valid period of forecast:
    • station weather forecasting;
    • text message indicating the TAF code transmitted;
    • kind of prediction;
    • speed and wind direction;
    • sky conditions;
    • weather conditions (qualified in intensity or proximity, description, precipitation, dimming, other);
    • optional data (wind shear, etc.).

    These information are transmitted -in each TAF reports- several times according to the different periods when they are valid and according to the indicators of change predictions: indicators fulfill the purpose to indicate -for each period- rapidly, gradually, probable or temporary change of weather conditions:
    • FROM Group (green): appears when a permanent change in the weather is expected very quickly (usually within one hour).
    • BECOMING Group (purple): indicates a gradual change in the conditions (usually an hour or two, but never more than four hours).
    • TEMPORARILY Group (pink) indicates a temporary fluctuation in weather (usually within an hour).
    • PROBABLE Group (yellow): provides a probability that the conditions occur.

    Currently the NetWave System can receive information from the system TAF weather forecast by over 1,800 weather stations operating worldwide and the database is constantly updated.
  4. Marine Weather consists of three global maps with the indication of the position of the ship in order to better identify possible hazards due to sea conditions:
    • the map of active hurricanes,
    • the map of wave height, with a forecast of three days,
    • the map of the temperature of the sea surface.

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