Crew Members Module

It's possible to add several modules preposed to the management of other departments to the "Main Module": one of these concerns the crew members management.
The management of boardings/disembarkments is strongly simplified and the Crew list constantly updated. It 's also possible to control the expiry of documents as well as the examinations and medical checks made by each member of the crew, the accidents register, personnel evaluations, the career of the Officers, etc.
The Module is constituted by these sections:
  • Crew List
  • Personal an Vessel's Matrix
  • Senior Officier Evaluation
  • Personnel Evaluation (Officers)
  • Rating Evaluation
  • Mediacal Examinations
  • Drug and Alcoohol Tests
  • Boardings and Disembarkations
Modulo Gestione Equipaggi del software di gestione delle Flotte navali

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