Use of the NetWave System

Vessel' side:

  • Through a Server-Client system, installed on each vessel of the fleet, the onboard data are added and/or automatically collected from any computer of the ship.

  • The data input are added in specific sections (Crew Management, Itineraries/Voyages Management, Engine Management etc.). The crew members can be enabled to access to them on the base of their rank.

  • The data can be manually inserted or can be imported with automatic procedures (compatibly with the presence of automation/computerised systems).

  • On board of each ship it's possible to query the system to see information in relation to the actual status or to historical situations and to print the pertinent reports.

  • Furthermore the NetWave System enables to highlight due dates, anomalous situations and alarms.

Use of the vessel ship fleet management software

Head Quartier side:

  • The data received from all the fleet units are gathered in a central Server Database.

  • It is possible to reach the information "World Wide", it means that the data can be viewed through the Internet with a common browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and can be executed wherever in the world, with total safety as protection.

  • It's possible to query the system to see information and to print the concerning data reports about the actual state or historical situations of each monitorated ship.

  • It is even possible to have plots and averages concerning each monitorated parameter for a chosen lenght of time.

  • It's possible to obtain information about performances, consumptions, time lost, etc. comparing also the data on period and on ships through a data post-processing.

Use of the vessel ship fleet management software

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