Frequently asked questions on the vessel ship fleet management software

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on the vessel ship fleet management software


[+]   1) How long the NetWave System installation on board does take?

[ - ]   Except for the time to reach the ship, the installation time are very short.

The server to install on board is prepared and configured in our labs on the specific ships' features, so the installation timing onboard are restricted to the placemant of the system in the suitable position, to the connection to the onboard systems (network, automation system, etc.), to the transmission data tests and to the clients installation.

Usually one/two days are enought for a complete installation.

[+]   2) What are the dimensions of the Server that is installed and -moreover- to place it, does it need a suitable framework?

[ - ]   The server has extremely limited dimensions: it is a compact box with dimensions of cm. 3 x 18 x 23 that request an extremely restrained space, electronic power source and the connection to the ship's LAN.

In addition, it's strongly suggested that the server is connected to an UPS power supply unit, in order to limit the damage risks because of peaks and/or power source unexpected faults.

[+]   3) Are necessary minimum system requirements on the various PC in order to use the system?

[ - ]   Both the onboard PC and those of land don't need special requirements to be used for the NetWave System.
Is advisable, however, that the monitor supports a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 768 pixels to allow an optimum viewing of all sections of the system.

[+]   4) Do vessels require a connection to the Internet to use the program?
[ - ]   The normal use of the NetWave System does not require an Internet connection.

The satellite connection is obviously necessary to transfer the data, but it can also not be flat and the satellite channel can be opened when required to trasmit the data and subsequently closed.

Internet via ADSL will still be required if you want to access the program to query the system outside the office.

[+]   5) How is the connection to NetWave System from multiple locations?

[ - ]   The connection from multiple locations (but also by staff in travel, branch office, customers, etc.) is done via regular ADSL Internet connections.

Start up / Use

[+]   6) There is a period of training to learn to use NetWave System?

[ - ]   With the installation at the ships, our staff will also provide the information necessary for the operational start of the program.

The software -in every page- is also equipped with an accurate context-sensitive help, which drives on all operations and provides accurate information for use in any situation.

An appropriate period of training is offered to learn all the procedures in the Shipping Company. Our staff will support operators in learning the procedures of NetWave System.

[+]   7) How long does it take a new operator to learn to use the NetWave System on board?

[ - ]   Onboard the time to learn NetWave System is extremely reduced.

The NetWave is an intuitive, practical and very simple system, projected and made according to allow a very quick installation that almost do not require training.

It's a highly "user-friendly" system, which is self-learning without difficulties of initial impact and however it was never necessary to do training for times longher than 30 minutes.

[+]  8) Is the NetWave provided for a maximum number of operators?

[ - ]   From the point of view of its architecture, the NetWave System is designed to allow access and simultaneous use by many users, so there is no technical limitation.

[+]  9) How fast is the NetWave System in its functions?

[ - ]   The NetWave System is based on the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL,[ Php | Perl | Python]) which is a type of platform extremely quick and efficient for the type of functions performed by the system: in fact, this environment is used by services like Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

The response times are of the order of milliseconds, and also with the passing of time and with the increase of the amount of data to be queried, the system always remains highly powerful and fast.


[+]  10) If necessary, can you extend the software with features that are not yet provided?

[ - ]   The NetWave System is in constant and continuous development and thanks to its architecture- has virtually no limitations on the possibility of additions.

The cost for any additions can vary in function of several factors, such as the complexity and the time of realization, the difficulties of integration in the rest of the program, etc.

An analysis of specific requirements will enable us to evaluate the best solution / offer to propose.

[+]  11) If a server of a ship has any problems or failures, what happens?

[ - ]   Our survey indicates that most issues can be resolved remotely, driving the crew in simple checks to restore operations.
In the case of larger problems, it is typically organized a replacement server without the intervention of technical staff. The new server is prepared in our labs, also with all the data of the vessel on which it must be replaced.
The server is then sent to the vessel with full instructions to replace the old one with the new one in its place.

[+]  12) There may be problems of data security connected to the use of NetWave System?

[ - ]   The NetWave System is installed on a dedicated server to increase the level of security of their data.

During the work, the access to data is protected by several layers of security such as firewalls, filters and various passwords, hence the level of protection of data can be considered very high and absolutely safe.

[+]  13) There may be issues of security of data for the use of NetWave through the Internet, ie when you can access the program from outside the offices of the Company?

[ - ]   In the case of enabling access to NetWave from the outside, thanks to the adoption of dedicated firewall and security, the system provides extensive security guarantees (subject to the basic rules for the protection of their login credentials).

We can also add additional procedures such as multiple authentication protocols, VPN with offices that need access to the program, etc. that significantly increase the levels of security.

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