Ship's Weather Condition unit

It's possible to add several modules preposed to the management of other departments to the "Main Module": one of these concerns the ship's weather conditions.
Through the installation of a weather station on board and making the detection of the main atmospheric parameters you can monitor the corrent weather conditions and those related to a specific period of time of each unit in the fleet.
The parameters monitored are:
  • speed and wind direction,
  • real and perceived temperature,
  • relative humidity
  • atmospheric pressure,
  • precipitation,
  • solar radiation and UV.
The collected data are stored in NetWave System through the interface to the weather station and processed so as to synchronize with other data collected by NetWave System (positioning, engine, fuel consumption, etc.).
It becomes possible to highlight anomalies in consumption, voyage time, speed and also to put them in relationships to contractual limits of their committents.

Modulo Meteo Nave of the vessel ship fleet management software

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